Why contribute to a legal defense fund for Cory Maye?

A few of your dollars can make a difference.

You may be inclined conservatively or liberal. But few reasonable people would want to stand by while an innocent man was put to death by a court system that admittedly isn't perfect in its operation.

Whether you are inclined to abhor or approve of the death penalty, it's application to the case of a man shooting an intruder who turns out to be a police officer must be the most unfair application.

Additional evidence and witnesses need to be uncovered in this case, and it costs money to do that.

Donate just to help Cory Maye and not in the belief that it will engender any widespread grass roots movement against the death penalty or other perceived social injustice.

I have asked for approval to use Paypal and MC/Visa on this website to collect funds and then remit them monthly to this fund. In the meantime, write your check to "Cory Maye Justice Fund" and send to this address:

Cory Maye Justice Fund.

c/o R.E. Evans

PO Box 636

Monticello, MS 39654


Expected uses of the Justice Fund:

1. Private investigators to locate witnesses of the events.

2. Forensics experts to re examine the autopsy and "crime scene" evidence

3. Motions and legal costs associated with probable appeal before the Mississippi Supreme Court.

If you include a return address, Mr. Bob Evans will send you a receipt. Contributions to the defense fund are not being made to a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity so they are not tax deductible. (There are long procedures and costs in setting up 501(c)(3) organizations.)